Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Competition time - grass up Joel and win a t-shirt!

Apologies for the lack of recent posts.  I've been busy doing some more digging into the Glazers’ US property business (digging which is making me revise up sharply my estimate of how indebted the business is).  Whilst that continues, I thought I’d organise a competition, WITH A PRIZE, which will hopefully improve our knowledge of the Glazers.

Credit and thanks goes to “Patrick O” for emailing in this interesting question about the degree qualification of United's esteemed co-Chairman Joel Glazer.

According to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers website, both Joel and fellow co-Chairman Avram (and various other Glazer siblings) went to American University in Washington DC.  American University is a mid-tier (no. 433 in Forbe’s top 600 colleges list 2009) private university founded by Methodists.  Not a very high powered institution for a family that has spawned so many successful business executives....  We know Avram got a law degree, but Joel’s exact degree qualification is unclear. All the Bucs site says is that Joel “earned his bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from American University in 1989”. 

The college’s website shows the following current undergraduate interdisciplinary studies (although obviously things could have been different in the late 1980s).
None of these degrees leap out as preparing the young Joel for a career exploiting people sports management so I am very curious as to what he studied.  Given his (somewhat foolish) promise to communicate with supporters during what turned out to be his only ever interview about the Glazers’ ownership of United, I assume it wasn’t Foreign Language and Communications Media, but you never know.

So here’s the challenge, if someone can tell me definitively what Joel studied at American University (and provide some proof), they’ll win this very attractive Newton Heath 1878 t-shirt from T-Shirts United.  Available in a range of colours (including green and gold of course) and in all conceivable sizes (and I’ll even throw in worldwide shipping).

More soon on shopping centers and debt.



ian patterson said...

Hey andy ive found a course at the university that is dated 1988, taking a guess that he studied for 3 years for a BA he would have started in 1986 to graduate in 1989.
Unfortunatly the archive does not go earlier than 1988. but the two links below show the same course in both 1988 and 1989.



Communication, Legal
Institutions, Economics, and
Government (CLEG) these are the areas that are studied on the course. Im sure that these areas would gain him some knowledge that would be useful in what he does today. Although im sure he does not use his knowledge or common sense for that point.

The same course is offered today.
In the department of goverment.


Jacopo Belbo said...

well. i can do a bit better than that. i have a link to the PDF file of the American University Course Catelog for 1988-89.

you can look at pg 203 for the description of the Interdisciplinary Studies ... it is basically a "design your own" lame ass major.


warning the pdf is quite large 22MB

Jacopo Belbo

Jacopo Belbo said...

@ian patterson: ok, you found the even lamer major than i did. your's is 20 pages earlier than mine and looks like some sort of "public service/government" prepackaged a little of this a little of that ease by major. the one i referenced looks like you actually have to have 3 advisers and create some unique major of your own that could or could not be difficult. hmmm, who knows. well i guess i was 20 minutes too late :(

good on ya ian. greetings from amerika (actually from FL only 2 hours away from the lair of the evil one's itself)

Anonymous said...

I've got an alumni page listing him as an alumni of the school of public affairs:

The school of public affairs about page states:

American University’s School of Public Affairs offers education in the fields of political science, public administration, public policy, and justice.




Patrick said...

“Bryan Glazer received a bachelor's degree from American University in Washington, D.C. He majored in broadcast communications”

Maybe he will be working for MUTV soon to cut costs?
He did go on to get a Law degree of some kind from a different “fourth tier” school as well.

ian patterson said...

@jacopo belbo, i think we both found the same document just at different pages, if use the search or Ctrl F to search the document you find about 5 different pieces on Interdisciplinary Studies which really does show how much u must be able to make up the course youself.

Glad to hear the greetings from yourself and many united fans across the globe.

@dw i think you have found the link that i was between course and school it was in. I found that today its under department of goverment. You have found that the department is in the school/faculty of Public Affairs

which would make sence to have a school/faculty that has a department of goveremnt considering the school/faculty covers the areas of political science, public administration, public policy, and justice.

These fieds also match the fields in which the course has to offer.

@patrick i think you have done what i did first and got mixed up with which borther,andy want you to look up.Read the challenge again mate.

Anonymous said...

I think we can safely say the business brains of the family belong to Malcolm. doubt any of the offspring would have climbed any corporate rungs other than in the family business.

Patrick said...

ian patterson,

I helped set the challenge - I am Patrick O. I was just adding further background info on the qualifications of one of our other leaders.

Anonymous said...

I can't really be arsed researching what qualifications the Glazer family members hold.
I would rather have an interview with their shrink and ask the question why they are so addicted to debt.
I've tried to rationalise the Glazer situation at United and at times tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but the more I look at things the worse it gets.
The more money the club earns the more they will try to load debt onto the club and the more money the club earns they will trouser into their own pockets.
There is no intention to reduce debts (apart from their own ludicrous PiK debts) which will eventually plunge the club into a Liverpool-style situation.
Frankly I've had enough with these effin' chancers.
Steve S