Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Manchester United: Looking after YOUR data?

Those who don't hang out on United forums when they should be working might have missed the posting on the web today of what purports to be a list of companies with hospitality facilities at Old Trafford.  It's accompanied by a statement encouraging the companies to not renew their facilities until the Glazers enter into negotiations with the Red Knights(!).

The link is here.

The people who published it claim to have more names (of individuals) which they aren't releasing.

I've heard lots of stories about the bulk of United's staff being totally sick of the Glazers, and it seems in the case of at least one ticket office employee that it's true.

Not great data security by the club of course.....



Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Old Trafford Towers today! LUHG.

Diem said...

Any internal policies and security are only ever as reliable as the people - no system is going to stop someone with access to the data doing something with it.

In all seriousness, what's the point of doing this? Publicly posting the list is only going to encourage vigilantism against these firms, and stop them renewing through fear, not any 'dedication to the cause'.

"We have removed any information about individuals at these companies in order to protect their privacy and we have deliberately not published (and will never publish) the names of 800 individuals / single person businesses who have hospitality facilities" - so they've validated that all the companies on the list aren't sole traders, incorporated as limited companies? And a quick scan of the list identifies two entries which appear to be the names of individuals, so either they've done a great deal of validation, or have missed some.

Extremely misplaced in my opinion, with a possibility of an adverse reaction, and consequently potentially damaging to their aims.

andersred said...

It's just a list of companies Diem I can't see it doing any harm.

I hear story after story about how pissed off United employees are with the situation and it's interesting to see evidence there's some truth in the stories.

I doubt it will make any difference to anything, but the whole effort is a sort of "drip, drip, drip" isn't it?


Diem said...

Yes, the steady drip is interesting..