Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Old Trafford Season Ticket price increases 2004/5 - 2011/12

I keep getting asked for this so here it is (can send an Excel version if anyone wants one).

Summary of ticket price changes 2011/12 compared to 2004/05.

Full data set (corrections welcome)!



Si, East Manchester said...

Great stuff as ever Anders.

I was in NS Tier 2 west wing from 96 to '05 before chucking in my ST and in that time period my ticket increased from approx £380 to £518 if memory serves me correct. I thought it was going up a lot then but i'm astounded to see if i still went now it would be £798! I presume the prices listed are without the ACS added too?

Utter madness on a grand scale and probably a generation of Manchester kids consigned to watching Utd on telly unless they are from quite well off families. Once it starts getting to the point where you have to take a loan out to buy a season ticket to watch millionaires play football i think you need to give your head a wobble. Not that the Glazers give a toss mind as they'd prefer occasional daytrippers piling in ready to fill those megastore shopping bags rather than people like me who used to just buy a pie before the game before going home.

I won't be back there anytime soon. 1978-2005. The end.

Si, East Manchester said...


Just had a rummage and found all my old ST's and cup ticket stubs which i've kept and i found one from the Champions League 20th November 1996 v Juventus - £16 for my NS Tier 2 seat!

Wonder what the same seat is for tonight? It must be £40 if not more.

andersred said...

£40 Si! Up to £56 in North Stand T2 tonight.

But enough about 1996/97, that ended by us being knocked out of Europe by Germans at home.


Anonymous said...

Do you have figures from before the Glazers took over as well Andy? And also figures from other clubs as well? Would be interesting to see how our price rises compare to those from other clubs over the same period - seems like ticket prices at all clubs have rocketed over the last few years. I have mates who attend Championship clubs who are also complaining about being priced out!

Diem said...


BBC quotes 5.9% for six years pre-Glazer, compared to 5.8% post-Glazer.

5.8% obviously differs from Anders' number (6.5%) above.

Rood said...

Anders numbers cover 7 seasons and includes price rises for the 2005/6 season - officially the prices for that season were set by the PLC as the Glazers had not yet completed their takeover.

I believe the BBC numbers are based on the past 6 seasons which explains the difference.

fattmatt said...

Online Guardian confirms:

'5.8% over the last six years, since the Glazer family completed their takeover. That compares with an average 5.9% increase during the previous six years'


'In addition, they have taken up an idea put forward by the Fans Forum to reduce ticket prices for 16 and 17-year-olds, capping them at £20 as part of the transition from a junior ticket to a full adult'
'Across-the-board £1 per match increase on ticket prices for next season'
'The club state the decision has been taken as a direct result of the increase in VAT to 20 percent, having absorbed the initial rise since the turn of the year'

'United also highlighted the increase of 6.5% that was confirmed recently by Arsenal'

Personally my disposable income has been seriously squeezed in the last 12 months, perhaps keeping bums on seats has become more of a priority than making the pips squeak

drewski said...

Until Old Trafford stops being regularly full, prices will increase indefinitely. The only thing the Glazers respect is money.

Adam said...

Andy, I have a comment for you, in relation to both United and more so Arsenal fans after hearing that they are looking at increases of up to 6.5% Now I'm United through and through, however, as a football fan, I hate to see ordinary folk screwed over by these big clubs.

Which got me thinking...

During these uncertain times, and lets be honest, we're still battling our way out of a recession we’ve seen ticket prices rise along with players lucrative salaries (Szczesny for example had an increase from £2kpw to £30kpw). Now here’s a thought, as a thank you for their support—because lets face it, without the support the players wouldn’t get paid—why don’t the players of these big clubs take a tiny hit—in comparison to what they take home—on their salary so the ordinary man doesn’t have to pay more to pay him to play.

Arsenal Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis said, and I quote: “I share your concerns that ordinary fans are being increasingly priced out of live football. This is bad for the continued health of the game and is driven primarily by escalating and ultimately unsustainable levels of spending on transfer fees and player salaries.”

If all the players took a 3-4% drop in their already stupidly high salary, Wilshere for example would take home £53k a week rather than the reported £55k, then this I’m sure would more than cover the additional they’re hoping to raise out of the ‘fans’ they love and value so much.

Really, football clubs need to go back to their roots and remember just who it is that makes them what they are.

weststandupper said...

Great research Anders.

To complete the picture, though, we need to see the trend for the prices of the "add-on" tickets.
For example, my Euro Semi ticket in West Stand Upper last night was £46, (discounted as I am a Season Ticket holder). What would the price have been in previous years? Same goes for FA Cup and Carling Cup tickets - they have steadily risen. We're obliged under our terms and conditions to take the Euro and FA Cup tickets. This is where United are really benefiting - increases by stealth.

Oli said...

Dear anonymous,

It is irrelevent what other clubs charge.

1) Do I mind being ripped off because a Chelsea fan is also ripped off?

2) No other club charges full price for carling cup games.

3) No other club FORCES fans to buy tickets to non-league games

4) MOst clubs offer a discount for ST holders, not the regular ticket price x 19 (plus cup matches)

5) United have far more seats so could charge 50% of Chelsea's prices and have the same ticket revenue - most clubs with big grounds charge less (all over Europe that is the case)

6) United have the highest global revenues, the highest comercial revenues and the biggest sponsorship deals of any club in the world - therefore ticket income is less important than it is at other clubs we compete with

7) The money other clubs charge for tickets is re-invested in the football club, in the last 6 years our prices have flown up and yet the club has also made a profit in the transfer market. IE Our money leaves the club in debt payments.

8) At any other club owning a season ticket gets you tickets for cup finals and usually for away games - at United that is not necessairly the case so a ticket has less value in some respects.

matt said...

Sad, certainly. Agree with all the comments about kids in the area - I was one once.

If memory serves, I could turn up on the day and pay £2.50 for an under 16s ticket, in around 1990. That was roughly my hourly rate for working in the kitchens of a local pub.

I don't know what it is now. At least £10 I'd bet. How many 15 year olds earn £10/hour ?

It's not just confined to United. Undoubtedly the Glazers have made it worse but it would still be bad without them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on here is right. It's a rip-off.

I want a refund. I pay good money to support my team and the least I should expect is some silverware at the end of it.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

I guess this effectively means the Glazers have had a price freeze now for 2 seasons then? The 2.5% increase would account for an increase in VAT, if that's the case at least the prices are steadying

Anonymous said...

Explain this Andy

ja said...

I see the fabled 150 million in the bank for Gill and SAF to do with as they will, is down to 102 million!

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