What's all this fuss about the Glazers anyway?

In a nutshell, the Glazer family are financially exploiting United supporters to make themselves rich whilst adding nothing to our football club..

They have invested no money into the club but have cost the club hundreds of millions with hundreds of millions still to come out.

They have forced huge and totally unnecessary price rises on supporters, pricing the core fan base out of Old Trafford.

Despite protestations to the contrary, there is clear evidence that the proceeds from the sale of Ronaldo are being used to pay the Glazer family's own debts and that the funds will be replaced by new club borrowings.

None of the achievements of Sir Alex Ferguson and the team have happened because of the Glazers.

If our current playing performance falters, perhaps when the manager retires, the debt laden onto the club could very hard to service.

For more detail on all the above, read my initial analysis of the 2010 bond issue.