Friday, 1 January 2010

Ways to fight back

When I started this blog, I wrote "There is no easy solution to getting rid of the Glazers and the debt they have heaped upon Manchester United".

Since then the "Red Knights" have announced that they are looking at the possibility of putting an offer to the Glazer family that could change the ownership of the club putting supporters back at the heart of what Manchester United is about.  I would therefore urge any United supporter who has not done so to join the Manchester United Supporters Trust who are working with the Red Knights.

Here are few other ways to help:

Buy some stickers (for use around the home obviously)

In addition, if you don't know about them or you've heard bad things, take a look at FC United of Manchester. Non-league football is not for everyone, but this club is owned and run by proper reds and in my view they are as much part of the United family as me, or anyone else who still goes to OT.