Monday, 18 October 2010

"United Against Glazer" march on 30th October

Too often football supporters in England believe they are powerless against the financial exploitation of our game and our clubs.

I do not believe this. In fact I believe that pressure is mounting on the Glazers and other carpetbaggers looking to personally profit at the expense of fans. I also believe that the Glazers have only delayed taking their £95m dividend "entitlement" because of their fears about how supporters would react....

Ticket sales are weak, the waiting list is gone, Gill et al fear more supporters making the tough decision to abandon their season tickets in the future. We know from sources inside the club that during the height of the green and gold campaign the hierachy were extremely worried about damage to the "brand" in the eyes of potential sponsors (note, not the club, the "brand").

Keeping this pressure up is important, so I would encourage all United supporters who can attend to join the:


On 30th October (before the Spurs match) from 3.30pm

Whether you have given up your ticket or still go to games, turn out and show the world what United supporters think of our owners. As the organisers say:

"There are only two sides to this fight"

Details are available at